Turn vacant apartments into Stayawhile apartments.

I want to work with Stayawhile.

Here's what we're looking for:

• Studio and one-bedroom apartments
• Located in major cities near transportation
• Renovated and updated
• No personal effects in the apartments
• Ideally, they are unfurnished
• Available for a minimum of 6 months

Landlord Benefits

High-Quality, Long-Term Rentals
• 30-day minimum length of stay.
• Average length of stay is 4 months.
• We run a background check and credit check on all of our customers.
Easier than doing it yourself
• We furnish, install, photograph, market and service the apartment.
Legally compliant
• We comply with local laws regarding minimum length of stay, taxation, and equal opportunity housing.
Strong partners & Team
• Our team includes experienced hospitality, design, technology, property operations and sales & marketing professionals.
• We are backed by some of the largest venture capital funds in the world.

How it Works

Tell Us More

Give us more details about the apartment. Location, floorplans, building details, photos, etc.

We'll Be in Touch

If we think your apartment will make a great Stayawhile, we'll let you know. We'll furnish the apartment so it looks like a Stayawhile.

Sit back & Relax

We handle marketing and reservations while you sit back and receive a payment every month.

Target Locations

New York City
Washington D.C.
San Francisco
Los Angeles

Why Work With Us?

Earn More

Earn passive income managing a portfolio of Stayawhile apartments in your city.

Work Less

Minimum capital requirement.
Work from home and on your own terms.

Grow With Us

Stayawhile is looking for local representatives to source and manage Stayawhile apartments.

Are you a property owner or manager?

Stayawhile is always looking for apartments.
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