A new way to live. A better way to travel.  

Stay a bit longer and get a feel for a place.  

Settle in without settling down.

You: always on the go. Bouncing between New York, Miami and beyond.

What do you need?

The consistency and convenience of a hotel, but the extra space and homey feel of an Airbnb. And something like a closet, to stash some things away you leave so that you don’t have to lug them with you.

StayAwhile is a members-only club that does two things: provides access to a handpicked collection of hotels and apartments especially suited for longer stays, and stores and delivers a special trunk filled with personal possessions so that you can leave things behind even when you’re not there.

What is StayAwhile?

Handpicked places to stay.

Your comfort and peace of mind are our top priorities. (And strong wifi!) Depending upon the length of your stay, we’ll pair you with a hotel or a professionally-managed, furnished apartment in your destination city. Your accommodations have been vetted by our team of travelers and tastemakers.

We handle your stuff.

Leave behind the things you need that make you feel like you’re at home, whether that’s your slippers, your favorite bath product or books and photos. We store it for you when you’re not there, and bring it back when you return to town.

No commitment.

No leases, no security deposits. Settle in without settling down. Move in and out whenever you are ready. Stay only as long as you need to. Build a truly customized living experience based on your lifestyle and travel patterns. Save money by not paying rent when you aren’t sleeping there.